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DRIVE Health

The DRIVE Health Initiative is a campaign aimed at accelerating the U.S. system's transition to value-based health care through targeted deregulation and evidence-based purchasing strategies.

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Introducing the DRIVE Health Initiative

America spends far more than any other country on health care, but our outcomes are below average for developed countries on many key health care indicators. This misalignment in spending and outcomes can be alleviated with value-based care and market-based strategies such as financial incentives, competition, information transparency and consumer engagement.

Under the leadership of Fortune 500 membership organizations, The ERISA Industry Committee (ERIC) and the Pacific Business Group on Health (PBGH), DRIVE Health is informing policymakers and urging President Trump, Secretary Price and Congress to take action to improve quality and reduce costs by using value-based purchasing strategies based on practical lessons from private sector innovations.

Value-Based Care Innovations

Through private and public sector alignment, the move toward value-based care is succeeding in improving health care quality and slowing cost growth. Value-based care ensures patients receive better care and make more informed choices, providers are rewarded for for delivering the best outcomes, purchasers are paying for what works, and businesses can invest in jobs and innovation. Learn more about the innovations behind DRIVE Health.

DRIVE Health Updates

DRIVE Statement for the Record: Ways and Means Health Subcommittee
5 years ago
Market-based Purchasing Strategies

DRIVE Health Policy Blueprint